Electrical Maintenance Contract Procurement Information Session 2

This Electrical Maintenance Contract Procurement Information Session was held on June 30, 2020

Please note that due to a technical issue, some viewers may have seen a testing session of this video.  We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience.  The intended video is available below. 

2020-06-30 Highway Maintenance Webcast

One question was asked as the information session was ending, so it was not captured in the video. 

The question was If there is a damage with $10,000 in materials and $10,000 in labour and there is no responsible party or ICBC refuses to pay, I understand the contractor would only receive $1,500 for material and nothing for labor from the Ministry. Is that correct? If incorrect, how much, if any, would the contractor be reimbursed for?
The answer is:  Contractors are responsible for all costs to repair the damages except materials over $2,000 per the Electrical Maintenance Service Agreement. Material costs over $2,000 will be reimbursed to the Contractor. Please refer to the Electrical Maintenance Service Agreement for the damage to government property claims process and replacement materials provided by the Ministry.