Project No. 86002-0240 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Rock Slope Stabilization, Through Cut Bluff Zones 2 to 6

Submission for Tenders Expires: February 14, 2018

Project Number: 86002-0240

Contract ID: 86002MJ0240

Location: Highway 1 approximately 13km north of Spences Bridge.

Description: Scale approximately 6024 square metre of slope; Install approximately 330 linear metre of rock bolts; Install approximately 4352 square metre of mesh; and Install approximately 146 cubic metre of shotcrete.


Document Description


Site Reference Information, Project 86002-0240 Rock Slope Stabilization, Through Cut Bluff, Zones 2 to 6, Hwy 1 (PDF, 4.3 MB)