Project No. 37629-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Asphalt Surfacing 2019/20 – Fort St. John Area Paving (44.8 Lane Km)

Submission for Tenders Expires: March 6, 2019

Project Number: 37629-0000

Contract ID: 37629MJ0000

Location: Highway 97 North Taylor Hill to Swanson Lumber Road and various sideroads within and around Fort St. John

Description:Asphalt resurfacing beginning at North end of Taylor Bridge and continues north for 720 m.  The second section on Highway starts at the beginning of the two-lane section of the North Taylor Hill and continues north for approximately 6.5 km towards Swanson Lumber Road.  Local area side roads to receive rehabilitation treatments will include Park Frontage Road, Grandhaven Road 242, Road 273, Airport Sub Roads, Tank Farm Road 249 and Clairmont Frontage Road.



Document Description


Test Pit Summary – Moore Pit - 2010 


Location Map - Moore Pit - 2009