Project No. 37249-0004 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Cache Creek East Embankment

Submission for Tenders Expires: September 26, 2019

Project Number: 37249-0004

Contract ID: 37249MJ0004

Location: The Site is located on Highway No. 29. The Project commences approximately 190 m north of LKI Segment 1102 km 55.6 and connects onto Highway No. 29 at LKI Segment 1102 km 56.63.

Description: The general nature of the Work to be carried out under the Contract consist of the following: Construction of 0.99km of a two-lane highway to top of subgrade; supply and installation of settlement gauges; supply, installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation by others.



Document Description


Cross Sections Set, Highway No. 29, Cache Creek East Embankment


Grave Resource Assessment, Peaceview Pit Prospect, Highway No. 29, Bear Flat to Cache Creek


Geotechnical Assessment and Design-Cache Creek Bear Flat Segment-East


Geotechnical Data Report-Bear Flat Cache Creek Segment


Swallow Nesting Assessment-Highway 29 Realignments


Draft Drainage Report, BC Hydro, Highway No. 29
Cache Creek East Embankment