Project No. 37249-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Highway No. 29 - Bear Flat - Cache Creek

Submission for Tenders Expires: August 3, 2017

Project Number: 37249-0001

Contract ID: 37249MJ0001

Location: The Site is located on Hwy No. 29 approximately 48.2 km north of the intersection of Canyon Dr. and Hwy No. 29 in Hudson Hope and breaks away from Hwy No. 29 for approximately 8.4 km, connecting back into Hwy No. 29 approximately 17.2 km south of the intersection of Hwy No. 29 and Hwy No. 97.

Description: Construction of a two lane highway for approximately 8.4 kilometres. General nature of work consists of but is not necessarily limited to traffic management, quality management, environmental and heritage management, safety management, pit development, clearing and grubbing, roadway and drainage excavation and embankment construction, production of granular materials, drainage installation, haul and placement of riprap, fencing, asphalt paving, supply and installation of CRB and signs, and revegetation seeding.


Document Description


Cross Sections Set Hwy 29 Bear Flat-Cache Creek (PDF, 55 MB)


Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment Proposed Bear Flat Segment Highway 29 Definition Design Site C Clean Energy Project (PDF, 21 MB)

3 Gravel Investigation – Lower Cache Creek Gravel Borrow Prospect Highway 29: Bear Flat – Cache Creek (PDF, 5 MB)


Gravel Resource Assessment - Peaceview Pit Prospect Highway 29 Bear Flat to Cache Creek (PDF, 33 MB)

5 100% Detailed Design Hydraulics Brief For Highway Grading and 400+919 Culvert Report – Version 2 (PDF, 5 MB)
6 Foundation Conditions – Sta. 400+919 Un-Named Creek Crossing Highway 29: Bear Flat – Cache Creek (PDF, 8 MB)
7 Change Approval and Notification (Changes In and About a Stream) Tracking Number: 100199196 (PDF, 7 MB)
8 Change Approval and Notification (Changes In and About a Stream) Tracking Number: 100196247 (PDF, 8 MB)
9 Notice of Work Peaceview Borrow Area Tracking Number: 100192064 (PDF, 1 MB)
10 Crown Land Tenure Application Tracking Number: 100201835 (PDF, 1.5 MB)
11 Plan Highway No. 29 Bear Flat – Cache Creek (PDF, 71 MB)