Project No. 35809-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Processed Aggregate in Stockpile - Bond Siding Pit #1565 and Mount Lemoray South Pit #1647

Submission for Tenders Expires: March 14, 2018

Project Number: 35809-0001

Contract ID: 35809MJ0001

Location: Bond Siding Pit located on Jackfish Lake Road, northeast of Chetwynd and Mount Lemoray South Pit located on Highway 97, southwest of Chetwynd.

Description: Produce or supply 16,000m3 of Select Granular Sub Base, 2,500m3 of Bridge End Fill, 9,000m3 of 25mm Well Graded Base and 10,000m3 of 25mm High Fines Surfacing Aggregate in stockpile at Bond Siding Pit; and Produce or supply 11,300m3 of Select Granular Sub Base, 1,400m3 of Bridge End Fill and 6,000m3 of 25mm Intermediate Graded Base in stockpile at Mount Lemoray South Pit.


Document Description

Figure 1

Bond Siding Pit #1565 – Location Plan  (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Figure 3

Bond Siding Pit #1565 – Pit Plan (PDF, 500 KB)


Bond Siding Pit #1565 – Test Pit Summary (PDF, 16 KB)

  Bond Siding Pit #1565 – Sieve Data (PDF, 54 KB)
Figure 1 Mount Lemoray South Pit #1647 – Location Plan (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Figure 2 Mount Lemoray South Pit #1647 – Pit Plan (PDF, 453 KB)