Project No. 35754-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Range Road 213 - Parnell Road Bridge No. 8631

Submission for Tenders Expires: May 7, 2019

Project Number: 35754-0001

Contract ID: 35754MJ0001

Location: Parnell Road Bridge No. 8631. Range Road 213 - approximately 10 km NNE of Dawson Creek, BC.

Description: The Work to be carried out under the Contract consists of the following: Excavation and removal of two existing culverts, construction of a new two lane, 40 m long, single span bridge with steel I-girders; steel H piled abutments; H-piled abutments and cast-in-place concrete abutments, deck, and parapets, reconstruction of approximately 325 m of roadway including grading, drainage improvements, precast concrete barrier, minor traffic signing, and revegetation, approximately 95 m of channel improvements and riprap.



Document Description


Chance Find Protocol


Parnell Road Bridge Replacement – Geotechnical Design Report


213 Road (Parnell) Road Culvert No. 08631 Hydrotechnical Assessment and Design Report for 2016 South Peace Flood Recovery, MoTI Project 35754