Project No. 35735-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Gibbons Culvert No. 08634 Rehabilitation, Gibbons Road - 206 - Buffalo Creek

Submission for Tenders Expires: August 12, 2021

Project Number: 35735-0001

Contract ID: 35735MJ0001

Location: The Gibbons crossing of Buffalo Creek is located on Road 206 near Arras, BC, approximately 4.2 km west of Highway 52.

Description: The work includes: Road profile and section modifications, existing culvert rehabilitation by existing MSE wall removal and new sheet pile wall installation, new slope protection, riprap, and channel bed armoring, debris rack installation.



Document Description


Cross Sections - Gibbons Road 206 - Buffalo Creek Culvert Rehabilitation


Estimated Excavation Volumes Summary - Spreadsheet to include Culvert Zone, L100, L200 and L300 Estimated Excavation Volumes


Gibbons Auger Drill Logs


Gibbons All Lab 2011-2012 Investigation