Project No. 24974-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Hot-In-Place Recycling – Highway 3 Christina Lake Area And Highway 395 (60.3 Lane Km)

Submission for Tenders Expires: April 2, 2019

Project Number: 24974-0000

Contract ID: 24974MJ0000

Location: Located on Highway 3 and Highway 395 in the Christina Lake Area

Description: Hot-In-Place Recycling - Highway 3 Christina Lake Area and Highway 395 (60.3 Lane Km). Work includes:  Mobilization, Signing, Traffic Management and Control, Quality Management, Aggregate Production, Asphalt Production, Asphalt Medium Mix, Admix Design, Supply Asphalt Cement, Supply Hot-In-Place Recycling Rejuvenating Agent, Hot-In-Place Recycled Pavement with Admix, Supply and Apply Joint Sealant, Shouldering and Cleanup.



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Alpine Pit  #0969 Location Plan – Figure 1 


Alpine Pit  #0969 Legal Plan – Figure 2 


Alpine Pit  #0969 - 2019 Technical Information Report