Project No. 24644-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Kault Hill Road NW Landslide Roadway Reinstatement

Submission for Tenders Expires: August 24, 2021

Project Number: 24644‑0001

Contract ID: 24644MJ0001

Location: he Site is located on Kault Hill Road approximately 8km northwest of Salmon Arm. The Site is located 300m west of Highway 1 at LKI 68.8 Segment 2077. Latitude 50d 45' 51" Longitude 119d 20' 22".

Description: Reinstatement of a failed section of Kault Hill Road. Scope includes excavation and off-site disposal of Type D soils, installation of lock block retaining wall, placement of riprap, granular road base, catch basins and storm pipes, and paving.



Document Description


Design Cross Sections R2-1150-1001 to R2-1150-1007


Kault Hill Road NW Landslide Geotechnical Assessment and Recommendations for Road Repair