Project No. 24239-0001 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Mill Creek Road Washout #10215 Clapperton Creek No. 2 Bridge

Submission for Tenders Expires: December 12, 2019

Project Number: 24239-0001

Contract ID: 24239MJ0001

Location: 7.91 Km north of Merritt on Mill Creek Road, 5.44 km from the intersection of Highway No. 5A.

Description: Construction of a new single span 18 m long bridge with 700 mm deep prestressed twin cell concrete box stringers, concrete abutments founded on steel pipe piles.   Design, construction installation and removal of single lane detour temporary bridge.  Construction of 0.27 km of gravel surfaced roadway, slope armoring, culvert disposal, W-beam barrier, fencing and signing, and landscaping.



Document Description


Geotechnical Report – Geotechnical Design Assessment Proposed Clapperton No. 2 Bridge Mill Creek Road, Upper Nicola, BC


Ecora Technical Memo - Sulfate Testing Memo


Borehole Sheet