Project No. 24100-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 6 Slocan to Nakusp (74.9 Lane km), Highway 31A New Denver to Brake Check (7.0 Lane km) and Local Area Side Roads (29.3 Lane km)

Submission for Tenders Expires: March 31, 2017

Project Number: 24100-0000

Contract ID: 24100MJ0000

Location: Highway 6 between Slocan and Nakusp

Description: Asphalt Surfacing Highway 6 Slocan to Nakusp, Highway 31A New Denver to Brake Check and Local Area Side Roads (111.2 Lane Km)

Work Includes:
Quality Management, Traffic Management and Signing, Install and Maintain Project Signs, Survey Layout, Site Modifications, Aggregate Production, Concrete Roadside Barrier Works, Asphalt Mix Design, Cold Milling, Base Repairs, Shoulder Construction, Supply and Apply Emulsified Tack Coat, Level Course and Top Lift Paving, Pavement Drainage, Apply Joint Adhesive, Temporary Pavement Markings, Shouldering, Supply and Apply Joint Sealant and Cleanup.


Document Description


Lindstein Pit No. 0849-2017 Technical Information Report (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Figure 1

Lindstein Pit No. 0849 Location Plan (PDF, 303 KB)

Figure 2

Lindstein Pit No. 0849 Legal Plan (PDF, 306 KB)