Project No. 24075-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Paulson Bridge No. 1647 Rehabilitation Highway No. 3

Submission for Tenders Expires: February 12, 2019

Project Number: 24075-0000

Contract ID: 24075MJ0000

Location: Paulson Bridge is on Highway 3 approximately 50 km west of Castlegar and 25 km east of Christina Lake.

Description: Mobilization and de-mobilization, traffic management, quality management, demolition of bridge deck overhangs, formwork and falsework, removal and replacement of unacceptable concrete on deck, parapets and wing posts, deck joint replacement, bearing replacement, installation of bicycle parapet railing, installation of deck drains, excavation, approach asphalt paving, roadway drainage improvements, riprap placement, signing, revegetation seeding and cleanup and site restorations.



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Project No. 08304 Bridge Maintenance Cleaning and Painting Paulson Bridge No. 1647 Special Provisions


Paulson Bridge Deck Condition Evaluation

3 Paulson Bridge Reference Drawings

Paulson Bridge No. 1647 Rehabilitation -
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