Project No. 24060-0002 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

H20 Louie Creek Bridge No. 07491 Replacement 

Submission for Tenders Expires: April 5, 2019

Project Number: 24060-0002

Contract ID: 24060MJ0002

Location: Project is located on Highway 20 approximately 29 kilometres west of Anahim Lake.

Description: Work consists of construction of a new two lane, single span, 14 metre long Louie Creek Bridge with 600 mm deep prestressed concrete box stringers, steel pile foundation, precast concrete abutments and wing walls and thrie beam railing off line of existing highway.  Construction of approximately 630 metres of unpaved two lane roadway and approaches to tie into existing Highway 20.  Removal and disposal of the existing 6 metres long timber bridge.



Document Description


Louie Creek Bridge Replacement – Hydrotechnical Report June 19, 2018 


Louie Creek Bridge Replacement – Aquatic and Technical Resource Overview 2016 


Louie Creek Bridge – Final Design Cross Sections Report 


Louie Creek Bridge – Environmental FLNRORD Report 


Louie Creek Bridge – Environmental FLNRORD Approval 

6 Louie Creek Bridge – Environmental FLNRORD Letter 
7 Louie Creek Bridge – Environmental FLNRORD Terms and Conditions 
8 Louie Creek Bridge – Environmental DFO Approval