Project No. 23968-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Heart Creek No. 2 Bridge No. 07240 and Approaches Applegrove Road

Submission for Tenders Expires: May 3, 2018

Project Number: 23968-0000

Contract ID: 23968MJ0000

Location: Heart Creek Culvert No. 07240 is on Applegrove Road in Fauquier, off Hwy 6 approximately 60 km south of Nakusp.

Description: Construction of a single lane, single span, 43.7 metre long bridge with 1.7 metre deep steel I girders, precast concrete deck and ballast walls, and cast-in-place concrete abutments supported on reinforced concrete filled steel pipe piles. Works will also include construction of approximately 66 metres of gravel approaches and approximately 140 metres long channel works, as well as removal and disposal of the existing SPCSP culvert.


Document Description

1 – Figure 1

Stoney Creek #1 Pit No.0794 Location Plan (PDF 122 KB)

2 – Figure 2

Stoney Creek #1 Pit No.0794 Legal Plan (PDF 135 KB)


Stoney Pit No.0794 Tech Info Report (PDF 856 KB)

4 – Figure 1

Bear Pit No.0837 Location Plan (PDF 125 KB)

5 – Figure 2

Bear Pit No.0837 Legal Plan (PDF 131 KB)


Photo Heart Cr Upstream Log Jam (PDF 3.9 MB)


Geotechnical Assessment Heart Creek No. 2 Bridge, Applegrove Road, Fauquier BC - Foundation Report (PDF 8.1 MB)


Heart Creek No. 2 Culvert, Structure No. 07240 Hydrotechnical Design Brief for Bridge Replacement MOTI Project 23968 Final (PDF 4.1 MB)