Project No. 23852-0000 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Len Bawtree Bridge No. 0311 Resurfacing & Deck Joint Replacement

Submission for Tenders Expires: July 25, 2017

Project Number: 23852-0000 

Contract ID: 23852MJ0000

Location: Len Bawtree Bridge No. 0311 is located on Cliff Avenue, approximately 0.35km east of the intersection of H97A and Cliff Avenue in Enderby, BC.

Description: Mobilization, Traffic Management, Quality Management, Environmental Management, Removal of concrete deck and approaches, inspection and removal of deteriorated concrete within the sub-deck, removal and replacement of abutment deck joints, supply and installation of new cover plate assemblies, replacement of sub-deck concrete, high pressure water blast cleaning of sub-deck, placement of new deck, reinstatement of existing approaches, site restoration / cleanup.

Document Number

Document Description

0311 – 30B

Len Bawtree General Arrangement (PDF, 116 KB)

0311 – 32B

Len Bawtree West Abut Plan & Elevations (PDF, 679 KB)

0311 – 33B

Len Bawtree East Abut Plan & Elevations (PDF, 57 KB)

0311 – 34B

Abutment details (PDF, 206 KB)

0311 – 35A

Pier Details (PDF, 184 KB)

0311 – 36A

Girder Elevations (PDF, 244 KB)

0311 – 37A

Bracing Plan & Details (PDF, 237 KB)

0311 – 38A

Diaphragm & Bracing Elevations (PDF, 259 KB)

0311 – 39A

Splice Details & Misc Steel Details (PDF, 248 KB)

0311 – 42B

Deck Details (PDF, 246 KB)

0311 – 44B

Expansion Joint Details (PDF, 328 KB)

0311 – 45A

Handrail Details (PDF, 289 KB)


Levelton Bridge Deck Evaluation Report Len Bawtree Bridge (PDF, 5.6 MB)


CWMM Consulting Engineers Enderby Bridge Temporary Water Main (PDF, 306 KB)


Shuswap River Watermain Crossing Plan (PDF, 743 KB)