Project No. 16771-2019 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Beaver Cove Road Asphalt Resurfacing (4.4 Lane Km)

Submission for Tenders Expires: May 2, 2019

Project Number: 16771-2019

Contract ID: 16771MJ2019

Location: Vancouver Island District - Beaver Cove Road between Highway 19 and Telegraph Cove

Description: Pulverizing, grading, shaping, compacting and paving 100 mm to a total width of 6.7 m for a 2.2 km section of Beaver Cove Road (4.4 Lane Km) starting at Highway 19 intersection (Part A).  At approximately 9.1 km east of Highway 19 intersection, level course pavement on the westbound lane for an approximate width of 3.3 m over a length of 110 m (Part B).


Document Number

Document Description (and date, if available)


Cluxewe Delta Pit Sieve Analysis Report


Source Detail Cluxewe Delta (6009)


Cluxewe Delta Pit Test Pit/Hole Summary Sheets


Cluxewe Delta Pit 6009 Pit Development Plan ANSID-ORTHO-PRJ16771-2019


Cluxewe Delta Pit 6009 Pit Development ANSID-PRJ16771-2019


Reclamation and Environmental Protection Handbook for Sand, Gravel and Quarry Operations in British Columbia


Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia


Aggregate Operators Best Management Practices Handbook for British Columbia Volume II


Health & Safety - A Practical Guide for Aggregate Operations


Cluxewe Delta Pit Location Map