Project No. 16709-2018 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Roberton Blvd Paving (0.35 lane km)

Submission for Tenders Expires: January 10, 2018

Project Number: 16709-2018

Contract ID: 16709MN2018

Location: Roberton Boulevard, Parksville BC

Description: The pavement has failed in a section of Roberton Boulevard that also requires shoulder widening for pedestrian safety reasons. Remove existing pavement and underlying granular material, grade and shape. The first 120 metres from Morningstar Drive to Crocus Corner has two 3.6 metres lanes, a 1 metre shoulder southbound lane and a 1.5 metre shoulder northbound. A 50 square metre Canada Post pull out is also included off the shoulder. After Crocus Corner there are 55 lineal metres of curb and gutter 3.9 metre wide lanes. ​


Document Description


Roberton Blvd Intersection Site Plan Parksville (PDF, 1MB)