Project No. 16527-2018 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Highway No. 4, Kennedy Hill Safety Improvements

Submission for Tenders Expires: February 22, 2018

Project Number: 16527-2018

Contract ID: 16527MJ2018

Location: Highway No. 4 approximately 14 Km northeast of the Ucluelet/Tofino Junction along Kennedy Hill adjacent to Kennedy Lake.

Description: The project objective is to provide safety upgrades to approximately 1.5 Km of Highway No. 4 by reconstructing both horizontal and vertical alignments to straighten the road and provide 1.5m paved shoulders and a new rest area and intersection access.

Works include extensive rock excavations up to approximately 60m in height with meshing, bolting, large rock fill embankments and a steel pile slope stabilization system. Mobilization, Quality Management, Traffic and Environmental Management, Clearing, Grubbing, and Stripping, Drainage, Paving and Concrete Barrier etc.


Document Description

1-Cross Sections.pdf

Design Cross Sections (PDF, 10.9 MB)

2-Construction Staging Drawings.pdf

Suggested Construction Staging Drawings (PDF, 4.5 MB)

3-Design Roll Plot.pdf

Ortho Mosiac Project Roll Drawing (PDF, 8 MB)

4-Earthworks Quantity Summary.pdf

Earthworks Summary Table (PDF, 346 KB)

5-Geotech Report.pdf

Geotechnical Design Report (PDF, 21.6 MB)

6-Hydro Roll Plot.pdf

BC Hydro Roll Drawing (PDF, 5.2 MB)

7-Hydro Relocation Drawings.pdf

BC Hydro Relocations Drawings (PDF, 3.7 MB)

8-Enviro Assessment.pdf

Environmental Assessment (PDF, 7 MB)


Canoe Creek Pit – Pit Location Plan (PDF, 340 KB)


Ucluelet North Pit – Pit Location Plan (PDF, 163 KB)


Reclamation and Environmental Protection Handbook for Sand, Gravel and Quarry Operations in British Columbia – 1995 (PDF, 15.6 MB)

Health Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia – 2008 

Aggregate Operators Best Management Practices Handbook for British Columbia – 2002 Volume 1

Aggregate Operators Best Management Practices Handbook for British Columbia – 2002 Volume 2

Health & Safety; A Practical Guide for Aggregate Operations

12-Digital Terrain.dwg

Digital Terrain File of Original Ground Surface  (DWG, 30 MB)

13-Design Roll Plot.dwg

Design Roll Drawing in CAD format (DWG, 75.8 MB)