Project No. 16407-2018 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Roche Cove Bridge Replacement - Structure No. 00771

Submission for Tenders Expires: May 2, 2018

Project Number: 16407-2018

Contract ID: 16407MJ2018

Location: Roche Cove Bridge Replacement on Gillespie Road, near East Sooke.

Description: To replace the existing timber bridge with a new concrete 3 span structure on an improved alignment with new roadway approaches. Scope of work includes but is not limited to; Mobilization, Traffic and Quality Management, Clearing and Grubbing and Grading Excavations, Foundation Excavation and Bridge End Fill, Cast in Place Concrete, Abutments, Parapets, Piers, Wingwalls, Deck and Retaining Walls, Supply and Installation of Precast Prestressed Bridge I-girders and Roadside Barrier, Paving and Demolition of existing bridge.


Document Description

1-Cross Sections.pdf

Design Cross Sections (PDF, 3.9 MB)

2-Construction Staging Drawings.pdf

Suggested Construction Staging Drawings (PDF, 872.3 KB)

3-Enviro Assessment.pdf

Environmental Assessment (PDF, 4.2 MB)

4-Archeological Assessment.pdf

Archeological Assessment (PDF, 8.5 MB)

5-Existing Bridge Drawings.pdf

Existing Bridge Drawings (PDF, 326.2 KB)