Project No. 12869-2019 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Highway 101 Reconstruction - Old Mine Road to Krompocker Road

Submission for Tenders Expires: April 26, 2019

Project Number: 12869-2019

Contract ID: 12869MJ2019

Location: Highway 101 Lund area, between Old Mine Road and Krompocker Road

Description: get from Road reconstruction via pulverization to 1.6 km of Highway 101 including geometric alignment improvements, 1.5 m paved shoulders and drainage improvement.



Document Description


Cross Sections  


Inventory of Water Supply Wells and Sewerage Systems - Hwy. 101 Pavement Rehabilitation and Roadway Widening - Krompocker Road to Pryor Road, Powell River, BC


Geotechnical Review and Considerations for Hwy 101 Asphalt Road Resurfacing from Old Mine Rd. to Krompocker Rd., Powell River, BC


Highway 101 Pavement Evaluation Powel to Lund, BC


Drainage Report – Highway 101 – Krompocker Road to Old Mine Road


Environmental Overview Assessment Highway 101 (Krompocker Road to Old Mine Road) Rehabilitation Project

7 Hwy 101 – Old Mine Road to Krompocker Road – Soils Characterization