Project No. 12771-2017 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

Asphalt Road Resurfacing H1: Abbotsford To Hope, Miscellaneous Areas (24.9 Lane Km) 

Submission for Tenders Expires: April 25, 2017

Project Number: 12771-2017

Contract ID: 12771MJ2017

Location: The Site is located on the Trans-Canada Highway in the Abbotsford to Hope Area, miscellaneous sections from Bradner to Peter’s Road.

Description: This Project involves road resurfacing of the existing pavement on the Trans Canada Highway 1 from Bradner Road to No. 3 Road Underpass, Vedder Canal Bridge West end to Sumas Drainage Canal Bridge East end, and Popkum Road Underpass to Peter's Road Overpass. This is to extend the service life of the existing pavement.


Document Description


Pierce Creek Pit #0224 – Aggregate Test Hole Summary (PDF, 39 KB)

Source Detail

Pierce Creek Pit #0224 – Source Detail – June 2016 (PDF, 17 KB)

PDP:0224.PDF (ortho)

Pierce Creek Pit #0224 – Pit Development Plan (Ortho) (PDF, 2 MB)

PDP:0224.PDF (D-size) Pierce Creek Pit #0224 – Pit Development Plan (D-size) (PDF, 644 KB)