Project No. 12669-2021 Schedule T3 - Specific Reference Documents

25Mm High Fines Surfacing Aggregate In Stockpile At Sundance Pit #1615, Bond Siding Pit #1565, Teepee Creek Pit #1516, One Island Lake Pit #1650 And Moosemouth Pit #4502

Submission for Tenders Expires: July 29, 2021

Project Number: 12669-2021

Contract ID: 12669MJ2021

Location: The project is located on Trans-Canada Highway No.1 in Yale, BC. The Yale Creek Bridge is in Service Area 7 - Fraser Valley in the Lower Mainland District, South Coast Region.

Description: The project includes the construction of the realignment of Highway 1 to the east and west of Yale Creek, installation of a new permanent bridge structure and removal of the existing 3-span bridge on the existing alignment of Highway 1. The new bridge structure includes a two lane, single span, 27-metre-long prestressed concrete box stringer bridge (Yale Creek Bridge No. 1396) on cast-in-place concrete deck, parapets, approach slabs and wingwalls. A 32 m long MSE retaining wall is to be constructed adjacent to the new bridge. 

Document Number

Document Description


Existing Yale Creek Bridge Record Drawings


Yale Creek Bridge No. 1396 - Geotechnical Site Investigation Factual Data Report


Yale Creek Bridge No. 1396 - Geotechnical Design Report


Environmental Impact Assessment – Yale Creek Bridge Replacement


Yale Creek Bridge and Approaches Traffic Analysis Memo


Yale Creek Bridge and Approaches Design Sections


Yale Creek Bridge and Approaches Suggested Staging


Existing Yale Creek Bridge Suggested Demolition Plan


Hydrotechnical Design Report – Yale Creek Highway 1 Bridge Replacement


Yale Creek Bridge and Approaches Highway Drainage Overview Memo


Alexandra Pit Source Details and Development Plan


Yale Creek Bridge and Approaches Pre-Clearing Plan