Motor Vehicle Act Pilot Projects

We invite interested local communities (municipalities and Treaty First Nations including the Nisg̱a’a) to submit proposals to conduct a pilot project for the use of e-scooters or other similar forms of micromobility devices* not currently authorized to be used on streets and sidewalks.

*Micromobility device - a zero-emission motorized personal mobility device such as an e-scooter, typically designed to transport one person.

The pilot could enable use of other types of devices that have technical features, operating functions and requirements comparatively similar to an e-scooter:

  • equipped with a zero-emission motor
  • similar maximum speed
  • similar safety equipment
  • can be operated along the same portion of roadway as an e-scooter

The pilot project is to be established under new authority (Part 13) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

During the consideration process, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure may contact the individual(s) identified in your community’s Motor Vehicle Act Pilot Project Proposal for further information or clarification.

A pilot project regulation may remain in force for a maximum of 3 years to promote the goals of research and evaluation.

The Motor Vehicle Act Pilot Project Proposal outlines the process and timelines for pilot projects. Once the initial pilot projects are implemented the province will look at offering further intake of proposals for future pilot projects to support active transportation.


Several municipalities have shown interest in piloting the use of e-scooters to explore the potential of these devices in transforming how residents move around their communities. 

An e-scooter/micromobility pilot project will:

  • Enable the province and participating communities to explore the potential of new and emerging transportation modes to move people safely and efficiently while reducing traffic congestion
  • Offer an opportunity for communities to test and evaluate how to regulate micromobility devices at a local level under their authority over streets and traffic

Submitting a Pilot Project Proposal

Information is provided below for local communities interested in submitting a pilot project proposal to test the use of new and emerging modes of transportation such as e-scooters. Please note that only proposals submitted by local communities will be considered.

Citizens who have ideas for potential pilot projects under the Motor Vehicle Act are encouraged to contact and discuss with their local communities.