Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Stakeholder Feedback

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is updating the Standard Specifications for Highway Construction to be released in late 2019 or early 2020. We are seeking feedback from stakeholders and other interested parties to improve the clarity and quality of the document.


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure contracts with construction contractors, consultants, and suppliers who help build and maintain B.C.’s highways, bridges and other transportation infrastructure including airports, rail and ferries. Experienced contractors, professionals and consulting firms in the fields of engineering, technical, environmental, and other general transportation related fields provide expert knowledge in support of such projects. It is this knowledge base that the Ministry hope to utilize in updating our specifications.

Updating Standard Specifications for Highway Construction 

The language and even the concepts under consideration for B.C.s Standard Specifications for Highway Construction are not finalized yet. We are open to considering any suggestions that would improve the clarity of the language or improve the quality of the product being constructed.

The following documents are all “in progress” Word (DOCX) documents for individual specifications, using redline-strikeout to highlight any proposed areas of change.