Highway 16 Community Transportation Funding - Review Process

Highway 16 Community Transportation Grant Program applications will be evaluated by a subcommittee of the advisory group that was appointed to oversee the rollout of the Transportation Action Plan for the Highway 16 Corridor, from Prince Rupert to Prince George.


Eligible applications will be assessed against predetermined criteria, including need for service, social and economic benefits, cost effectiveness, accessibility, and interconnectivity.

Preference will be given to applicants representing First Nations communities or partnered with First Nations communities, as well as to remote communities where no services are currently available.


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will identify proposals that best meet the needs of the communities along the Highway 16 corridor and that provide an equitable distribution of funding before determining how the funds will be allocated.

Applicants will be advised of final decisions once the review process has been completed.

Distribution of Funds

Successful applicants will enter into Conditional Grant Agreements with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  A reporting schedule and details of specific reporting requirements (e.g. passenger statistics and vehicle maintenance schedule) will be written into each agreement.

Proponents are responsible for ensuring that all vehicles are appropriately insured and that drivers and services are properly licensed.  Vehicles must be insured and licensed for commercial use if the driver is compensated or users pay for service.  Drivers must have a Class 4 driver’s licence to transport 10 or more passengers.  A Passenger Transportation Licence is required for the service if users pay for transportation.