Apply for BikeBC Funding

Municipalities may apply if:

  • The proposed project meets eligibly requirements
  • Design work and public consultation are complete
  • The project must be ready for construction and capable of completion within one year of funding
  • The project is consistent with the municipal bicycle network plan

Funding for cycling infrastructure in the development of new or upgraded provincial highways can come from the project's capital budget rather than funding. Contact the area operations manager for more information.

How to Apply

Ensure you have completed all the steps required to apply. Complete the following:

Use the quarterly progress report to update us on the progress of the project once it's approved.

Use these claim forms to get reimbursed for expenses.

Selection Process

Proposals are selected using a priority ranking system to determine which applications best meet the program’s goal of encouraging transportation cycling, creating healthy living environments, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions through safe and effective cycling infrastructure.

Funding for projects is awarded based on the following:

  • Community’s support for healthy living and physical fitness
  • *NEW Enhances tourism cycling
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Ridership
  • Facility type
  • Catchment population size
  • Timing
  • Multimodal connections
  • Proponent’s priority
  • Endorsement letters
  • Connection to Gateway Program