Application Requirements

Applications for BC Air Access Program funding for 2017/2018 opened at 4:00 PM PST on October 14, 2016 and will close at midnight on December 16, 2016.

All applications require: 

  • A completed application form, and the following supporting documentation:
    • Information that outlines the benefits derived from the project
    • Detailed cost estimates
    • Design drawings for the proposed project
    • Funding partners (if applicable)

New or Expansion of Infrastructure Project applications must include the information above and:

  • A business case that clearly outlines:
    • Project justification
    • Provincial, regional and local benefits
    • Community consultation and support
    • The economic benefits of the investment and linkages to economic development initiatives in the region
  • An aerodrome development plan
  • A completed environmental assessment, if required

 Environmental Assessments

Under the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act an environmental assessment is to be undertaken if the modification of an existing facility results in:

  • Installing a new runway ≥ 1,500 m in length
  • Extending an existing runway that is < 1,500 m long by ≥ 1,500 m, or
  • Extending an existing runway that is ≥ 1,500 m long by ≥ 500 m