Apply for Active Transportation Funding

Local Governments (municipalities, Regional Districts and First Nations) may apply if the proposed project meets the eligibility requirements.

How to Apply

A separate application package must be completed for each project. All applications must be completed in full and submitted with mandatory supporting documentation as listed below. Applicants should be aware that information collected is subject to provincial freedom of information legislation.

Ensure you have completed all the steps required to apply. Refer to these guidelines and complete the following:

  • Application Form: The  2019/20 application period is now closed and the Application Forms are no longer available
  • Other Mandatory Materials: Please include cross sectional drawings: Examples of Cross Sectional Drawings (PDF)

Note:  the receiving e-mail system cannot accept zip files and cannot accept any e-mail that exceeds 10 MB. Please submit the application clearly marked in the subject line (e.g., "Community name-Project Title- 1 of 2" and "Community name-Project Title-Project  2 of 2"). To ensure that your application package has been received (particularly applicable to large files), please request a "read/delivery receipt".

Selection Process

Proposals are selected using a priority ranking system to determine which applications best meet the program’s goals of encouraging transportation, creating healthy living environments, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions through safe and effective infrastructure.

Funding for projects is awarded based on the following:

  • Community’s support for healthy living and physical fitness
  • Enhance all forms of Active Transportation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Facility type
  • Timing
  • Multimodal connections
  • Proponent’s priority
  • Endorsement letters

Preference will be given to projects that support Regional Corridors that help to create efficient and safe direct travel routes.