Vehicle Impoundment Information for Impound Lot Operators

The following forms and documents are used by Impound Lot Operators to apply for the program, dispose of vehicles not picked up at the termination of an impoundment period and to request that the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles direct ICBC to refuse to issue a driver’s licence due to outstanding debt arising from the vehicles impoundment.

Impound Lot Operator Procedures - Version 6 (PDF)

MV0731 - Impound Lot Operators Application and Information Update (PDF)

Vehicle Impound Refund Calculator

MV2714 - Vehicle Impound Invoice (PDF)

MV2729 - Early Disposal Agreement (PDF)

MV2728 - Statutory Declaration Early Vehicle Disposal (PDF)

MV2709 - Request for Vehicle Disposal (PDF)

MV2704 - Statutory Declaration Vehicle Disposal (PDF)

MV0727 - Request Refuse to Issue (PDF)  

MV0726 - Statutory Declaration Refuse to Issue (PDF)

MV0728 - Lien Discharge Notice (PDF)