Rules of the Road in B.C.

In British Columbia, regulating driver behaviour is the mandate of RoadSafetyBC. RoadSafetyBC, along with their partners and stakeholders, develop B.C. road laws and policies to make traveling safe for drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users alike.

  • The Motor Vehicle Act defines British Columbia road laws. It outlines laws that govern the operation of motor vehicles on B.C. roads – defining the rules of the road and related offences and sanctions
  • The Criminal Code of Canada defines criminal motor vehicle offences
  • The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles is mandated to regulate driver behaviour, further support the law, and uphold administrative justice through driver behaviour intervention programs and administrative reviews – see the About Us page on this site
  • The police enforce road laws by ticketing drivers for traffic violations, issuing sanctions for disobeying the rules (driving prohibitions/suspensions) and/or laying criminal offence charges
  • The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is delegated under the Motor Vehicle Act to provide direct services to clients (vehicle registration and licensing; driver training, testing and licensing; administrative processes; maintaining driving records and applying penalty points; receiving payments and applications for reviews of certain sanctions)

For a list of traffic violations with associated fines and penalty points, go to ICBC’s website page: