About RoadSafetyBC


RoadSafetyBC Vision . . .

As a leader in road safety our vision is to have the safest roads in North America and work toward an ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities.

RoadSafetyBC Mission . . .

To lead the development and implementation of effective road safety policies. We work in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders to maximize safe and responsible operation of motor vehicles in B.C.

RoadSafetyBC is the lead provincial government agency responsible for road safety in B.C., working in partnership with law enforcement agencies, service providers, professional organizations, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community groups, and others (see Our Partners and Stakeholders page).

Operating a motor vehicle in B.C. is a licensed activity (i.e. a privilege not a right) regulated under authority of the Motor Vehicle Act. This law appoints the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles as the administrative authority governing drivers. The Superintendent then delegates service-delivery and decision-making powers to ministry staff and in some cases agencies (such as ICBC) to perform.

RoadSafetyBC is a branch within the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. A multidisciplinary team in a variety of positions support the Superintendent in his or her duties:

  • Intake Agents receive phone calls, arrange hearings, administer reviews, etc
  • Adjudicators: Administrative Law Adjudicators review cases, conduct hearings, make administrative decisions and communicate with clients. Case Managers are nurses who review special-case Driver Medical Fitness files
  • Team Leaders supervise and support staff teams in their duties
  • Analysts (policy, business, finance, HR, etc) and Advisors conduct research, produce planning documents, identify organizational requirements and develop solutions, consult with stakeholders, support legislative changes, assist in the implementation of new programming, etc
  • Managers and Directors supervise branches, projects and programming – their staff, their work productivity, their resource needs – and work collaboratively with each other and the Superintendent as RoadSafetyBC Executive to consult with internal and external partners and stakeholders, advise and communicate with Ministry and Government leaders in order to effectively deliver mandates

Other Staff such as Administrative Assistants, Office Support, Communications, Information and Technology, etc. – assist, coordinate and support tasks and members of the RoadSafetyBC team.

The Superintendent's Responsibilities

Road safety is a critical component of public safety in B.C. and is a major priority of the Ministry. Motor vehicle collisions continue to be a leading cause of accidental death and serious injury for all age groups. These deaths and injuries create enormous social and financial burdens on society. Increasingly, road crash fatalities and injuries are viewed as a major public health issue where the numbers of people negatively impacted can be significantly reduced through a combination of programs and policies.
Under the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) the Superintendent has statutory authority to:

  • Ensure that BC drivers are medically fit to safely operate a motor vehicle
  • Prohibit a person from driving
    • Based on an unsatisfactory driving record; or
    • If in consideration of the public interest, a driver’s use or operation of a motor vehicle poses a risk to public safety
  • Require drivers to participate in remedial road safety programs such as the Ignition Interlock Program or Responsible Driver Program
  • In the context of a fair and effective administrative justice process, conduct reviews related to
    • Sanctions applied by police under the MVA
    • Driving prohibitions; and
    • Licensing decisions made by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia