Contact RoadSafetyBC

RoadSafetyBC receives a large number of enquiries each day. While we manage a number of these requests, we also work in partnership with many agencies who are responsible for other areas.

RoadSafetyBC Responsibilities

  • Driver medical fitness
  • Driving prohibitions or suspensions
  • Vehicle impoundments
  • Ignition interlock requirements
  • Remedial programs requirements
  • The driver improvement program
  • Distracted driving
  • Alcohol or drug related driving
  • Motorcycle safety, or other government road safety programs

Other Agency Responsibilities

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)

  • Driver’s licences
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Collision-related claims
  • Driver training, testing and licensing,
  • Graduated licensing program (GLP)
  • Driver penalty points and traffic offences
  • Driver abstracts
  • Licensing fees
  • Vehicle history information

BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Vehicle equipment
  • Road signage
  • Road conditions

Police Services Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

  • Enhanced police driving law enforcement

Submitting Paperwork for Review

Include your

  • Driver’s licence number
  • Current address
  • Contact information

Submission Methods

By mail:

PO Box 9254, Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9J2

By fax:

Administrative Driving Prohibition (ADP) Documents Fax: 250 356-6544

Driver Medical Fitness Documents Fax: 250 952-6888

Responsible Driver Program (RDP) Documents Fax: 250 953-8639