What Happens if Caught Driving While Prohibited or Suspended

Driving while prohibited or while your driver's licence is suspended is a criminal offence. If you're convicted of driving while prohibited, even if it is your first offence, you will be prohibited for at least 12 months. In addition, you will face fines and possible jail time:

On a first conviction – there is a fine from $500 to $2,000 and the possibility of imprisonment for up to six months, or both (court ordered).

On a subsequent conviction – regardless of when the contravention occurred, the fine is $500 to $2,000 and 14 days to one year of imprisonment (court ordered).

Your vehicle will be impounded – Even if the vehicle you're caught driving is not yours, it will be impounded. Towing and storage costs will be charged to the owner of the vehicle. The impoundment periods are:

  • 7 days for 1st infraction
  • 30 days for the 2nd infraction
  • 60 days for the 3rd infraction

All costs of the impoundment must be paid before the vehicle is released. For more information refer to the back of your 'Notice of Impoundment' and download the Vehicle Impoundment Fact Sheet.