Review of a Vehicle Impoundment and Early Release of the Vehicle

Whether you are the driver of an impounded vehicle or owner of the impounded vehicle, you have the right to request an administrative review of the impoundment if the period of impoundment is over seven days. There are instructions on how to apply for a review on the 'Notice of Impoundment' that was issued at the roadside.

For information see, Vehicle Impoundment.

To apply for a review, attend the nearest ICBC Driver Licensing Office to complete a Vehicle Impoundment Application for Review and pay the review fee – see Fees for Services.

When a review decision is made, you will receive the decision by regular mail. It will be sent to the address you provided on your review application. If your review results in the impoundment being lifted, the Superintendent's office will notify you and fax an 'order of release' to the impoundment lot. You may pick up your vehicle and pay the storage and towing fees that apply.

Stolen Vehicle: Police can authorize the release of the vehicle if they are satisfied it was stolen. The cost of towing and storage accrued to that point must be paid by the vehicle owner before the vehicle is released.

Unlicensed Driver: If your vehicle was impounded because you or the person operating it was unlicensed at the time, your vehicle can be released when you or the person who operated the vehicle is issued a new driver's licence. For driver licence information see ICBC. This option is not available if the driver was prohibited from driving at the time the vehicle was impounded.

Driving Prohibition and Impoundment: If police impounded your vehicle and also served you with a driving prohibition, and you have grounds to have the prohibition reviewed, you may request a review of the driving prohibition. Only the driver of the vehicle who received the driving prohibition by police may apply for the review. If successful, the vehicle will be immediately released and the towing and impound fees refunded.

Other Impoundable Offences: For example, impoundments not related to an alcohol related driving prohibition, such as driving while prohibited or suspended; excessive speeding, racing or stunt driving; or failure to obey a driving restriction.

A request for a review can be made by the owner of the vehicle (who was not the driver receiving the impoundment sanction) on grounds of absence of consent to allow the driver to use the vehicle.

Early Release on Compassionate Grounds: An individual who holds a valid driver's licence and who cohabits with the owner of the vehicle who received the vehicle impoundment sanction may apply for early release on compassionate grounds (such as economic hardship) – the request for review must be submitted within 15 days of the date of the impoundment. Information on the review process is printed on the back of the Notice of Impoundment.

To request a Review, visit any ICBC Driver Licensing Office to fill out the appropriate form, make application and pay the required fees.  ICBC will submit your review application and schedule any necessary hearings.