Review of a Prohibition Decision Issued Due to a Poor Driving Record

The Driver Improvement Program (DIP) identifies and intervenes with high-risk drivers and encourages them to improve their driving habits through various interventions. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may issue a driving prohibition if a review of your driving record shows that you have a history of poor or dangerous driving behaviour.   If you have been identified as a driver who has engaged in poor or dangerous driving behaviour, you may have received a Notice of Intent to Prohibit and/or a Notice of Prohibition.

In accordance with the principles of administrative fairness, drivers may request a review of a driving prohibition issued under the DIP.  You must send a completed Application for Review form and pay a non-refundable fee of $100 for each application.

Notice of Intent – Reviews

Drivers who have been issued a Notice of Intent to Prohibit may apply for a review and attach a submission of why a driving prohibition should not proceed or should be reduced to a shorter duration. Submissions must be in writing and drivers may include any information they wish to be considered. Drivers who do not make a submission within 21 days from the date of the Notice of Intent to Prohibit will receive a Notice of Prohibition.

Notice of Prohibition – Reviews

Drivers who receive a Notice of Prohibition must acknowledge the driving prohibition and surrender their driver’s licence. However, they may make a submission using the Application for Review and pay a review fee to explain why a driving prohibition should not continue or should be reduced to a shorter duration. The prohibition will remain in effect during the review.

An Adjudicator may consider the driving record and history, personal or financial hardship, family responsibilities, employment and other relevant information. Once the review has concluded the driver will be advised of the outcome.

The application form you must complete may be downloaded below:

. . . or you can pick one up from any ICBC Driver Licensing Office – Form MV2323 ' Driver Improvement Program Application for Review'. There is a fee to apply – see Fees for Services

Along with the completed form and payment, you must include your written reasons as to why you think the driving prohibition should not have been issued or why the length of the prohibition should be shorter. The ICBC Driver Licensing Office will give you a copy of the review guidelines which outlines the full process.

If you have previously applied for a review of a driving prohibition, the Superintendent will not change the prior decision unless you either include new evidence that shows a material change in your circumstances since your previous application, or you point to a clear and obvious error in the prior decision that impacted the outcome

Drivers who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their review have the right, under section 94 of the Motor Vehicle Act, to appeal the prohibition to the BC Supreme Court within 30 days of the date they were personally served by police with the Notice of Prohibition or, if not personally served, within 30 days of the date they signed a Notice of Intent to Prohibit, a Notice of Prohibition or an Acknowledgement of Prohibition from Driving form. Drivers are responsible for bearing the cost of their appeal and are prohibited from driving while their appeal is in progress unless a stay of driving prohibition is ordered by the court.

For more information, read the Driver Improvement Program page on this website and / or download this Fact Sheet: Driver Improvement Program