Review of a Driving Prohibition for Driving Unlicensed

Note: Driving without a valid driver’s licence is different than driving while prohibited. Driving while prohibited carries heavier sanctions – see Caught Driving While Prohibited or Suspended page for more information.

Driving without a valid driver’s licence is an offence under section 24 of the Motor Vehicle Act. If caught driving without a licence, police can issue a driving prohibition and have the vehicle you are driving impounded.

Police-issued sanctions for driving without a licence end as soon as the driver acquires a valid B.C. driver’s licence – this is the easiest solution and does not require a review.

If you believe you should not have been identified as an unlicensed driver or that you have a reason to be exempt from the requirement to hold a valid B.C. driver’s licence (i.e., you have a valid licence from another province), you may submit your reasons in writing to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. An adjudicator will consider this submission and compare it with your driving record. The adjudicator’s review decision is sent to you once your application has been considered.

To request a review, download this form: Application for Review of a Driving Prohibition for Driving While Unlicensed or pick one up from any ICBC Driver Licensing Centre. The completed form must be submitted with the full review fee and any information or evidence needed to support your application, including your written reasons – see Fees for Services.

If, after the review, the adjudicator decides the prohibition is to be terminated, the adjudicator will inform you and let you know when any exemption will expire. The reinstatement fee that is payable when you re-apply for a B.C. driver’s licence is waived only if the out-of-province licence was produced at the time the prohibition was served.

If you are incorrectly identified as an unlicensed driver, this will be corrected on your record and you are not be required to pay the reinstatement fee. If a review is conducted and the prohibition is confirmed, you are advised that you remain prohibited from driving until you obtain a valid B.C. driver’s licence.

For more information, see also, Driving Without a Valid B.C. Driver's Licence page on this website.