Review of a Driver Medical Fitness Decision

If your medical fitness was assessed and you are not satisfied with the outcome of the decision, you may request a review of the decision (called an Administrative Justice Decision) that denied, cancelled or placed restrictions on your driver’s licence. Also, should your medical condition improve later, you may request a review of the decision.

  • There is no fee associated with requesting a review and the process of how to apply for a review is outlined in the documents you received with the Superintendent’s decision on your medical fitness
  • You must be able to provide the Superintendent’s office with new medical information indicating an improvement in your condition
  • An adjudicator or case manager will review your case and may need to request additional information from you and/or assessments
  • At the conclusion of the review, the adjudicator or case manager will notify you in writing either confirming the original decision or advising of a different driver fitness decision

Driver fitness reviews are final and binding, but are subject to judicial review. This means a court of law may be requested to rule on the appropriateness of the administrative justice decision. Drivers dissatisfied with the outcome of their review may also make an application under the Judicial Review Procedure Act to have the decision reviewed by the Supreme Court. You are responsible for the costs of the appeal.

Some driver medical fitness decisions are made by an Urgent Driver’s Licence Review and have specific timelines and criteria, please see the Urgent Licence Review Fact Sheet.

For information on how to request a review of a decision to cancel a driver's licence as a result of the Enhanced Road Assessment process, please see the Enhanced Road Assessment Review fact sheet.

For information on Driver Medical Fitness Restrictions, including how to request a reconsideration of their application, please see the Driver Medical Fitness Restriction Reconsideration Fact Sheet.