Overview of Disputes, Appeals and Reviews

This section of the website outlines the processes involved when you disagree with a decision made regarding your driving behaviour and/or affecting your driving privileges and issuance of your driver’s licence. The process you will go through to have a decision reviewed is called an administrative justice process as it does not go through the court system.

The administrative justice review process requires you to first complete the applicable review request form and submit it with payment. There are different forms and different fees for the various administrative justice review processes. If the form is not available for download from this webpage, you may get a form, schedule a review and pay the review fee at any ICBC Driver Licensing Office.

  • Written Reviews require you to submit your case in writing, and a decision will be made to you in writing
  • Oral Reviews (only available for certain cases) are conducted by telephone at a scheduled time

Review decisions under authority of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles are final, but subject to judicial review – which means you can always Appeal the ‘final’ decision to the B.C. Supreme Court (see the Appeal to the Supreme Court section at bottom of this page).