Attend a Show Cause Hearing Upon Notice of an ICBC Proposal to Suspend or Cancel a Designation Licence or Certificate

You may wish to 'show cause' why the proposed action should not be taken. Show cause hearings are held in only for special-case scenarios involving a business (driving school or automotive repair facility) or certain individuals (driving trainer’s instructor or AirCare repair centre technician).

You will need to schedule a hearing by applying at any ICBC Driver Licensing Office and paying the prescribed Show Cause Hearing fee – see Fees for Services. When the show cause hearing is scheduled, you will be notified with confirmation of the details for the hearing including what materials can be considered by the adjudicator (testimony, evidence, documents).

The Superintendent will confirm, vary or rescind the decision(s) made by ICBC. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will receive a formal Record of Decision from the ICBC Driver Licensing Office outlining why the proposed action will be taken.

For more information about Show Cause Hearings see the following documents: