Appeal an ICBC Decision to Deny, Cancel, Restrict or Suspend a Driver's Licence

You may appeal a decision by ICBC to deny, cancel or restrict your driver's licence. You may appeal on any grounds, such as: errors of fact, irrelevant factors, relevant information was not considered, personal hardship (employment, education, medical, economic) by applying to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

The application form you must complete may be downloaded below:

You can also pick one up from any ICBC Driver Licensing Office - Form MV10001-MV10002. There is a fee to apply - see Fees for Service.

Along with the completed form and payment, you must include your written reasons as to why you think the action taken by ICBC should not have been taken.

The Superintendent will confirm, vary or rescind the decision(s) made by ICBC.

Please note that if the Superintendent directs ICBC to refuse to issue you a driver’s licence based on unpaid debt to an impound lot operator, you may not appeal. For further information on the Refuse to Issue for Impound Operators process, please see the Vehicle Impoundment page.