Administrative Driving Prohibitions (ADP) - 90-day

You have seven days from the date you received the Notice of Driving Prohibition to request RoadSafetyBC to review the prohibition. The adjudicator can only consider the following grounds during the review:

  • You did not operate the vehicle
  • You did not have a blood alcohol content equal to or exceeding 0.08 (80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood) within two hours after ceasing to operate a motor vehicle
  • You did not fail or refuse to comply with a demand for a breath or blood tests
  • You had reasonable excuse for failing or refusing to comply; or
  • The concentration of alcohol in your blood was equal to or exceeding 0.08 because:
    • You consumed alcohol after ceasing to operate the motor vehicle;
    • After ceasing to operate the motor vehicle, you had no reasonable expectation that you would be required to provide a sample of breath or blood; and
    • Your alcohol consumption was consistent with your blood alcohol concentration as determined by the analysis of your breath or blood and with having a blood alcohol concentration of less than 0.08 at the time of operation of the motor vehicle

Filing an application for a review does not stay the driving prohibition.

The hardship that may be caused by the loss of your driving privileges cannot be considered during a review.

To Request a Review

You must complete an 'Application for Review of an Administrative Driving Prohibition' form, available from any ICBC Driver Licensing Office.

You need to include

  • The ADP file number
  • Contact information for the review
  • All relevant information to support your request to review the decision
  • The fee

Before the review

  • You receive a copy of the police information the adjudicator considers
  • You are given an opportunity to present further information to the adjudicator before the review is held

After the review

  • The adjudicator sends you a written decision
    • In most cases, the decision is sent within 21 days from the date you were served with the Notice of Driving Prohibition

Decision Outcomes

The two possible decision outcomes are:

  1. The prohibition is revoked (i.e. removed from your driving record) and you can apply for a new driver’s licence
    • The driver's licence reinstatement fee and any monetary penalties are waived
  2. The prohibition is confirmed (i.e. remains on you driving record)

Drivers dissatisfied with the outcome of their review may also make an application under the Judicial Review Procedure Act to have the decision reviewed by the Supreme Court.

If you have missed the seven-day window for your ADP review, read the Administrative Driving Prohibition Late Review .