24-Hour Roadside Prohibition

If your driving prohibition was issued at the roadside as police believed you were driving while affected by alcohol or by a drug, you may request an administrative review by the Superintendent to have the prohibition removed from your driving record. A request for a review must be submitted to the Superintendent within seven days of the prohibition being issued.

To request a review, you must complete an 'Application for Review of a 24-Hour Prohibition' form, available from any ICBC Driver Licensing Office. You will need the date and location where you were issued the prohibition by police and all relevant information to support your request to review the decision. There is a fee that must be paid when you submit your request – see Fees for Services.

After you have submitted your request, you will receive (by mail or fax) a copy of the police officer's report concerning your 24-hour prohibition and the date set for the review. You may then submit further evidence in support of your submission, to the Superintendent, but it must be received before the set review date to be considered.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act you are allowed seven days from the date of service to apply for a review of the prohibition.  The Superintendent does not accept applications for late reviews of Immediate Roadside Prohibitions or 24-hour prohibitions.