Responsible Driver Program

The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) is a remedial program for drivers who have received alcohol or drug related prohibitions. Stroh Health Care, as the service provider for the Province of B.C., delivers the program to drivers referred to the RDP by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.

Drivers who are referred to the RDP will receive a letter advising of program requirements and the status of their driver’s licence

After a driver registers and pays for the program, the driver will participate in a structured telephone assessment. Based on this assessment, the driver is directed to one of two programs:

  1. An 8-hour; or
  2. A 16-hour program

Upon completion of the program, basic attendance information and program results will be sent to RoadSafetyBC.  I understand that if I am referred to the 16-hour Program, upon the conclusion of the Program, Stroh may contact me by phone in order to clarify any required information.