Members of the Public; Reporting Your Concern about a Person's Fitness to Drive

Family members, or concerned citizens can send a report to RoadSafetyBC regarding concerns they have  about a driver’s fitness to drive safely.

The report must include the driver’s full name and other identifying information. A driver’s licence number is preferable but not required. Details concerning the driver’s fitness to drive safely must also be included in the report.

The full name of the person providing the report and a contact number or address is also required. RoadSafetyBC will not consider anonymous reports or verbal reports.

Unsolicited reports expressing concerns regarding a driver’s safety on the road are given high priority by RoadSafetyBC. The reports are reviewed and, if a decision is made that medical information or further assessment is required, RoadSafetyBC will contact the driver directly. For further information, please refer to the following Fact Sheet: