Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA)

The Superintendent may require that a driver complete an Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) as part of the process of making a Driver Medical Fitness determination. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) administers the ERA on behalf of the Superintendent. There is no fee charged to the driver for the ERA.

Some of the most common reasons for an ERA are:

  • A doctor reports a medical condition that may affect a person’s fitness or ability to drive safely
  • Results of a previous on-road assessment suggest a follow-up is necessary; and/or
  • A collision report, police report or other report indicates a driver may be unable or unsure how to handle a common driving situation

RoadSafetyBC may request an ERA in order to assess a Class 5 or Class 7 driver's functional ability to drive.  Commercial Class 1-4 drivers are not referred to the ERA, but may be referred for a road test re-examination for their class of licence.  If a Class 5 or 7 driver also holds a Class 6 (motorcycle) driver's licence, they may be required to take an ERA and a Class 6 road test re-examination.

The policy governing the ERA process is documented in the Enhanced Road Assessment Policy.

The ERA is designed as an assessment which provides RoadSafetyBC with comprehensive information, rather than a road test that is either passed or failed. RoadSafetyBC reviews the results of the ERA, along with all other relevant information in a driver’s file, in order to make a decision to maintain, re-issue, or cancel the driver’s licence. In some cases, additional information may be required in order to make a licensing decision. This may include further medical testing, or an additional ERA. All additional ERAs are at the discretion of RoadSafetyBC, based on all of the information related to a driver’s medical fitness to drive.

If a driver's licence is cancelled on review of ERA results and all other relevant information in the driver's file, RoadSafetyBC will send a letter to the driver outlining the licensing decision and the process for requesting a review.

For more information on requesting a review, please see the Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) Review Fact Sheet.

Please note: As of March 5, 2018, any outstanding RoadSafetyBC requirement for a Class 5 or Class 7 ICBC road test re-examination may only be satisfied by taking an ERA. For more information on your outstanding requirement, please call RoadSafetyBC at 1-855-387-7747.

For more information on the ERA, see: