Driver's Medical Examination Report (DMER)

The Driver Medical Examination Report (DMER) is the primary tool used by the Superintendent to assess the severity, progression, treatment or effects of a medical condition, if any, in regards to a driver’s fitness to drive. Drivers are requested to have the DMER completed and sent to the Superintendent in the following circumstances:

  • At regular intervals when a person holds a commercial class driver’s licence
  • The driver has a previously identified medical condition that  may affect driving
  • The Superintendent receives a  report from a reliable source indicating that a driver has, or may have,  a condition that could negatively affect their ability to drive; and/or
  • The driver reaches age 80 and at regular intervals thereafter

The Superintendent’s office will review the completed Driver’s Medical Examination Report and let the driver know if any more information or assessment is required. The Superintendent will also notify the driver, in writing, of any driver’s licence status changes which occur as a result of the information on the report.

Below is a sample copy of the Driver Medical Examination Report required for drivers with known or suspected medical conditions:

Important: Driver Medical Examination Reports must be completed and returned to RoadSafetyBC within 45 days of receipt or the driver’s licence may be cancelled. Information and instructions are provided on the back of the form. There may be situations where it is not possible to meet the timelines as indicated on the forms. If this is the case, it is necessary that the driver contact RoadSafetyBC as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the driver’s licence.

Dedicated Medical Professional line: 250-953-8612
General Inquiries: 250-387-7747 or toll free 1-855-387-7747