2 - Medical Conditions at a Glance

For each major medical condition identified in the medical condition chapters, the following table identifies:

  • whether the resulting impairment is persistent or episodic
  • the chapter where the specific information is available
    Condition Chapter Reference Type of Impairment
        Persistent Episodic
    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm 13   X
    Aortic dissection 13   X
    Cardiovascular diseases 3 X X
    Cerebrovascular diseases 4 X X
    Cognitive impairment including dementia 6 X  
    Diabetes – Hypoglycemia 7   X
    DVT – Pulmonary embolism 13   X
    Hearing loss 9 X  
    Intracranial tumours 10 X X
    MS, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s 12 X X
    Musculoskeletal 11 X  
    Narcolepsy 18 X X
    Peripheral arterial disease-severe claudication 13 X  
    Psychiatric disorders 14 X X
    Renal diseases 5 X  
    Drugs, Alcohol and Driving 15 X X
    Respiratory diseases 16 X  
    Seizures and epilepsy 17   X
    Sleep apnea 18 X X
    Syncope 19   X
    Traumatic brain injuries 20 X X
    Vestibular disorders 21 X X
    Vision impairment 22 X