The Assessment Process

The Superintendent delegates Driver Medical Fitness program staff to conduct Driver Medical Fitness assessments and make decisions on an individual’s driving privileges. Program staff include intake agents who respond to public and client phone enquiries and make first order driver fitness decisions, adjudicators who make the majority of assessment decisions and case managers who make Driver Medical Fitness decisions on the more complex cases.

The Superintendent uses a functional approach to determining driver fitness, assessing the effect(s) that a medical condition has on the driver’s cognitive, sensory and motor functions that are necessary for driving.  In making driver fitness determinations, the Superintendent considers:

  • The principles of administrative fairness
  • Research associating the medical condition with adverse driving outcomes or evidence of functional impairment
  • Expert opinion regarding the degree of risk associated with the medical condition at various severity levels; and
  • The individual characteristics and abilities of the driver (i.e. private or commercial driver; compensation for the functional impairment; compliance with treatment regime; insight into the impact that their medical condition may have on driving)

When appropriate, the Superintendent utilizes individual functional assessments to determine whether an individual’s ability to drive is impaired and, if so, whether the individual can compensate. For example, the Superintendent may require a driver to take a vision test, a functional driving evaluation, an Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA), a road test re-examination, or complete a medical or other examination in order to help determine fitness to drive.

Upon assessment, the Superintendent has the authority to deny, cancel, or restrict any class of driver’s licence where there is reliable medical evidence that someone has a medical condition which affects that person’s ability to drive safely.

Under section 92 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the Superintendent may also cancel a driver’s licence if the driver has not complied with a requirement to complete an assessment or exam needed to make a Driver Medical Fitness determination. In such circumstances, the driver’s licence remains cancelled until the driver complies with the requirement.