Highway 1 Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project

Lower Lynn Connectivity Project

The Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvements will complement the planned Interchange Improvements to further increase mobility and safety in the Lower Lynn area.

Artist rendering of the Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvements Project.

The Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project includes the construction of an eastbound on-ramp that extends over Lynn Creek for improved Highway 1 access. A left turn onto Highway 1 eastbound will provide direct Highway 1 access from southbound Mountain Highway. Highway 1 will be widened with the construction of additional lanes including the construction of two 2-lane bridges on either side of the existing 4-lane Lynn Creek Bridge. 


Construction started June 2018 - Completion Fall 2021


New Mountain Highway Eastbound on-ramp opened - Summer 2020

  • Keith Creek Realignment completed – Summer 2019
  • Highway 1 shift to the new North Lynn Creek Bridge – Spring 2020
  • Highway 1 shift back to existing Lynn Creek Bridge – Summer 2021
  • Highway 1 westbound collector-distributer lanes fully open – Fall 2021  

Tree Clearing

Completed Summer 2019

Tree clearing was required along the south side of Highway 1, between Mountain Highway and Lynn Creek to prepare for the construction of the new Mountain Highway eastbound on-ramp, relocation of Keith Creek and realignment of the Keith Creek trail.

Tree removal began when the wildlife salvaging, bird nest surveys and tree assessments were completed, and once Keith Creek was switched over to the new creek channel in mid-August 2019. In Fall 2019, the new Keith Creek area was landscaped with 815 coniferous trees, 630 deciduous trees and 7628 shrubs have along the new Keith Creek and trail.

Keith Creek Relocation

Keith Creek was relocated further south prior to constructing the Mountain Highway eastbound ramp. This provided an unique opportunity to improve the aquatic habitat and water quality of the stream.  

  • Salmon spawning habitat is extended by 25%.   
  • Two fish passable culverts, beneath Mountain Highway and Highway 1 promote salmon migration (juvenile/adult) to creek habitat previously unreachable for fish.
  • The new Keith creek is designed to withstand erosion from the high and flashy creek flows while providing deep pools with large rocks and woody debris for fish refuge and habitat.
  • Highway drainage upgrades along the creek have improved water quality.
  • The creek is protected through fencing and landscaping.
  • Once the new eastbound onramp is complete, traffic noise will be significantly reduced providing trail users with a more tranquil park-like setting.

The new Keith Creek channel has been “loading” which means with each rainfall, the voids between the rocks fill with fines and organics sealing the channel.  

To help expedite the process, fines were added during construction and during dry weather windows in October and November 2019. The new Keith Creek is performing well during rainfall events and it is progressive loading.  Many juvenile fish are using the established pools and have observed adult salmon entering the stream during high stream flows.

Keith Creek will be monitored during dry weather to ensure no fish are trapped or harmed until it is fully established.

The new Keith Creek and trail have been landscaped in a park like setting with the planting of 2,400 trees and 11,000 shrubs.

Lynn Creek Trails

Opened Summer 2020

The east side Lynn Creek trail was closed from July 3, 2019 to August 30, 2019 and the west side Lynn Creek trail was closed until Summer 2020.

Construction of the new Lynn Creek bridges upstream and downstream of the existing Highway 1 Lynn Creek Bridge started in June 2018. Construction started on the Keith Creek Realignment and new Lynn Creek Bridges and for public safety the trails were closed February 18, 2019. We understand how important the trails are to the community and made every effort to reopen them as quickly as possible.

Special considerations for the east side trail were made to ensure access to Lynnmour Elementary School for students and parents during school months.